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What is One Bunch Hook Up, LLC?

Established in 1999 in New Orleans, OneBunchHookUp, LLC is a small non-emergency transportation company that came into existence as a result of limited handicap-accessible transportation for the elderly.

I began this business venture by leasing a cab from my Masonic Brother William Johnson. I moved to the Westbank, where I bought several cabs and began leasing them out to drivers on the Westbank-Marrero Cab line. Still maintaining the part-time New Orleans Yellow Cab, I began to network with the local businesses, hotels, and senior citizen centers on how they could improve their transportation needs for their clients. I suggested that they allow me to transport whatever they needed to be transported whether it was people, pets, or packages.

In 2001, it was time to sell the six cabs on the Westbank-Marrero line and head back across the river full time. After selling all six cabs, I met White Fleet Taxicab Service owner Gene Alleman, who suggested that I bring my vehicle over to White Fleet Cab line and if I had other drivers to bring them. That was my cue to start my mission to be the best Transportation Specialist in this market.

The company has successfully operated in the New Orleans and Jefferson areas for the past 11 years, working on both small and large scale projects with the help of White Fleet Taxi Services. The desire to emerge from underneath a major cab company’s umbrella and to improve transportation for the elderly is what prompted OneBunchHookUp, LLC to shift its target market from hotel and tourism clients to local and state Medicare clients.


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